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Ordering Information

Due to high demand, we are maintaining about a 4-8 week lead time for new orders. Please check individual product pages for the next available delivery.

We ship internationally. Please contact us for a freight quote prior to ordering.

US Customers:

We offer competitive shipping rates to the US, with all customs clearance handled by us. Our pits are duty free.

We offer a one (1) year warranty on our workmanship. For details, please see our policy on Warranty and Returns.

Product Information

Our pits are made from the highest quality A36/44W steel and 304 stainless steel. All of the steel we use is new, prime grade, and sourced only from local small businesses.

We're constantly developing and prototyping new offset smokers and grills. If you're interested in something you don't see on the site, please contact us to discuss.

Yes. We are currently working on a wood-fired grill and hope to have more information in early 2023. Please contact us or sign up for our newsletter if you would like us to keep you updated.

cooking with your pit

All exterior raw steel surfaces of our pits have a baked on food-safe oil coating that will provide excellent corrosion protection. The interior surfaces of the cook chamber should be seasoned using a cooking oil (PAM in a spray can works great). First, coat all interior steel surfaces (304 stainless steel does not need seasoned, but certainly can be) in a light layer of oil. You can then burn a charcoal or wood fire in the firebox and run the pit hot for several hours. Allow the pit to cool - this is when the oil will polymerize into a protective coating. Please do not cook during the seasoning process.

We have created a short guide on Offset Smoker Fire Management. You can find the guide, here.

The frequency of oiling depends on several factors, including how often you use the pit, whether the pit is stored outdoors or covered/indoors, and the local climate in your area. We prefer to apply a thin coating of oil onto the firebox every 1-2 cooks as this is the part of the pit that will take the most abuse. It only takes a few minutes and keeps the firebox free from rust and looking great.

The cook chamber only needs to be oiled on an as-needed basis, which we've found is typically about once or twice per season for most climate/storage conditions.

Our cooking grates are made from laser cut 304 stainless steel. The grates do not need to be seasoned to prevent corrosion, though you'll find they naturally season over time to a non-stick finish. The flat surface is very easy to clean. Our preferred method is to use a bench scraper to remove any stuck-on food, and then wipe the surface with a food safe cleaner / degreaser that is compatible with stainless steel. For a very deep clean, the grates can be removed and pressure washed if you desire.

Please do not clean the grates with mild steel wool as this will transfer carbon to the stainless steel and lead to surface corrosion.

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