Offset Smoker Fire Management

The key to great tasting barbecue

Choosing a Split

"The best, cleanest looking splits should only be used during the portion of the cook where the meat is on the smoker and not wrapped - this is when all of the smoke flavor is developed."

Kickstart your Fire

"Lighting the fire can be done with a match or lighter, but a gas torch can speed up the process and can also be used to quickly add heat into the cook chamber to start creating some draft up through the smokestack; this early draft will help pull fresh air into the firebox and aid in quickly establishing a hot coal bed."

Holding Temperature

"...there is always some ‘lag’ time between a new split being added to the fire and when the cook chamber temperature starts to rise again. This means that you should anticipate when a split is needed by monitoring the fire rather than waiting until the temperature gauge starts to fall below your target."