A little bit about us

How it started

As lifetime barbecue enthusiasts living in Canada, we realized that it was very difficult to access the elite level smokers and grills known for having origins in the Southern United States. High shipping costs, confusing customs paperwork, and revolving border closures made owning this kind of equipment seem like a pipe dream. Drawing on our experience in barbecue, engineering, and metal fabrication, we created Smoke North - a family-owned business focused on making top-tier, handcrafted outdoor cooking equipment accessible to all of North America. Now shipping worldwide.

Our Pits

Each of our pits is individually handcrafted by a highly skilled and experienced fabricator with absolutely no compromise on quality or material selection. Our designs are focused on performance, durability, and providing a truly enjoyable cooking experience. We're proudly Canadian, and each of our cookers is made in Ontario's Waterloo region. We highly value our local community and economy - all of the raw materials that go into making our pits are sourced from local small businesses. If you're looking to up your barbecue game, please reach out - we are happy to help.

Want to know more about us? Just ask.